TSC Robotics Welcomed with Glee at Elementary After-school Program!

This week we shared our “Introduction to Robotics” program to the enthusiastic delight of about seventy-five K through 4th grade students. After a brief presentation answering such questions as “What is a robot?”, “Where do we find robots?”, “What is robotics?”, and “What do robots have to do with education?” with Q&A throughout, the group split up by grade level to participate in multiple sessions of hands-on demonstrations with two of our most popular robots for young children, Modular Robotics Cubelets and KinderLab Robotics Kibo. Everyone followed a simple Sense-Think-Act robot model. Groups configured various robot behaviors with the dedicated-function Cubelets by learning how they connect together and perform according to the robot model. Similarly, they quickly learned how to program the Kibo robot platform to make it act according to their program instructions. They used Kibo’s built-in scanner to sequence program steps arranged using Kibo’s signature wood coding blocks. Students were observed displaying various glowing expressions of success and accomplishment when their program did exactly what they thought it should! The group quickly discovered that you can learn about robots while playing with them!