TSC Robotics Visits Tufts University Eliot-Pearson Dept. of Child Study and Human Development

Mike and Paula of TSC Robotics met at Tufts University with Angie Kalthoff, Program Manager, and fellow KIBO Ambassador, to discuss synergies between our educational robotics programs and her Early Childhood Technology(ECT’ Graduate Certificate Program. We also had a tour of her facility including a stop by the DEVTECH Research lab to view the jumbo KIBO created by a graduate student for their studies.  

Students in Angie’s  program are prepared to work with children pre_K to 2nd grade to teach coding, robotics, and new technologies.  To receive graduate level academic credit, they participate in two courses on-line over a one year period in early childhood education, educational technology, and design of tech-rich spaces for children and then cap off this work with a one-week, on-campus supervised residency to implement curricula as well as network with their cohort and staff.  Angie reports that more than 50 graduates already have successfully completed this certificate program with 20 new registrants ready to begin in the Fall of 2020!  Anyone can apply to the program.  The only pre-requisite is having a bachelors degree.  Find out more now about attaining this essential background to help prepare young children in the technology of the 21st century!

Jumbo KIBO Robot Used for Early Childhood Graduate Research Project at Tufts