TSC Robotics presents Robotics 101 Program at Senior Center!

Last week, we were enthusiastically welcomed back to the Newton Senior Center.  We conducted our “Robotics 101 for Seniors” program there to an enthusiastic senior citizen audience eager to learn robot basics!  After a brief presentation with Q&A discussion, we moved into a hands-on discovery period. During this time, we used our KIBO educational robot kits from KinderLab Robotics.

Participants eagerly learned the basics of programming using these KIBO kits to perform various basic actions.  This programming involved sequentially scanning barcode robot commands printed on labeled wood blocks!  Since KIBO has a built-in scanner, it makes programming screen-free.  The group graduated to using more advanced-level behaviors after achieving programming skill mastery.  They used tinker time to experiment with their new technical knowledge to discover different robot maneuvers and delved into occasional debugging using simple troubleshooting tips.

Some in the group openly exclaimed that this experience boosted their confidence in trying out new technology involving robots.  Several members are really looking forward to spending fun time with their grandchildren and greatgrandchildren on a more level technology playing field.  They proclaimed that they are ready for their next robotics experience soon.  These folks attributed their brief experience with us at the Senior Center for this new confidence and motivation!

You might be curious about why we are using KIBO kits with senior citizens that were designed for use with children ages 4 to 7 years old.  Drop us a note at our web site Contact Us page and we will give you the amazing answer.

Please note: Newton Senior Center policy prohibits pictures due to privacy concerns.  Consequently, there are no photo ops accompanying this post.

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Thankfully, our two year break in delivering programs caused by the pandemic is over and we couldn’t be happier to be back!