Second Lego Mindstorms EV3 Workshop Conducted at Library

We followed up our last EV3 workshop with a highly motivated group of young robot enthusiasts in part 2.  They explored basic EV3 operation while reviewing a simple Sense-Think-Act model for a robot as well as more advanced programming capability using a pre-assembled robot platform.  One parent commented that EV3 certainly appeared to be a worthwhile education investment to help her son pursue his interest in robots and learn new *STEM/STEAM skills.  One brother and sister team, who attended both EV3 workshops, readily shared their expertise and knowledge with others in the workshop.  The group used their EV3 platforms to organize an interactive challenge to end this high energy event.

*STEM/STEAM stand for Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics.  These are seen as important disciplines for young children to experience for pursuing 21st century careers later in their lives.