Newton Seniors Enjoy Robotics Experience

TSC Robotics provided an enrichment program entitled “Robotics 101” to a group of active and enthusiastic older adults at the Newton Senior Center on Friday, October 25.  This two-part program consisted of an informational presentation about robots and the field of robotics with emphasis on where these devices are being increasingly used in society, including with the elderly, and a hands-on discovery period using KIBO robot kits from KinderLab Robotics to provide a practical experience operating and coding robots.  During the presentation portion of the program participants asked many questions about robots and their use in the real world.  In the hands-on period, there was a frenzy of activity as working groups formed to learn how robots work, how easy it is to assemble one, and how to program these units to operate according to the commands sequenced by team members.  KIBO is fairly unique as an educational robot in that it does not require a computer for programming. This capability is built-in to the robot and wooden programming blocks provide the KIBO readable barcode to initiate robot behavior.  The session lasted for a solid 90 minutes and participants were very generous in expressing thanks and appreciation for the program.  This group will clearly be sharing their positive experience with family of all ages and friends.

Paula Murray of TSC Robotics Explains Telepresence Robots

Mike and Paula of TSC Robotics With KIBO from KinderLab Robotics