Middleschoolers Enthusiastically Welcome Back TSC Robotics

TSC Robotics continues to enhance STEAM learning by re-visiting an after-school program 5th through 8th grade population last week with an enthusiastic reception! After a brief presentation about robotics to the entire group of students and counselors, we rotated through smaller groups during individual hands-on discovery periods.  Using educational KIBO kits from KinderLab Robotics, these groups learned how to assemble KIBO robots and program them without any computer required.  After a few guided instructions, small teams used tinker time to create a multitude of programs including one that they danced to with KIBO.  A popular student from the local high school robotics club even stopped by to participate with the middle schoolers.

Interestingly, the middle school at which this January’s program was offered actually owns KIBO kits for use by its robotics club.  These were purchased last year by the robotics club teacher/mentor after we visited the school to conduct a similar program last year.  KIBO kits were found to be easier to use and quicker to get into action by more students than previous robot kits.  The hope is that the KIBO robots will be a pathway to more interest in the more sophisticated kits for these rising roboticists.