Educational Robotics

Our educational offering employs robots to enhance activities in STEM* topics that make learning deeper and more practical.  We employ an array of robots through presentations, demonstrations, workshops, and courses that can be matched to different ages and skill levels for the most enjoyment and the best learning experience. Participants are involved in team-building activities that can reflect real-world job market business situations. Problem-solving and critical thinking situations challenge the participants to go beyond traditional rote learning. Programs may be conducted in such venues as schools and public libraries.

We also provide robotics education opportunities for adult audiences in various settings such as senior centers, community activity facilities, adult education programs, and lifestyle centers.  Participants witness the future as robots take on more and more roles aiding in healthcare, personal care, security, household chores, and much more.  We explore and discuss some of the ways this is happening already and the social implications of these developments.

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*STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  However, STEAM and STREAM are increasingly popular acronyms where R stands for Robotics and A for Art.